About MiRyde

Proudly Pakistani

What is MiRyde

MiRyde is a Canadian Ridesharing Transportation Company located in Mississauga, Ontario.

MiRyde integrates transportation for customers and drivers through our smart technology platform. We ensure convenient, transparent and quick service fulfillment using technology to make mobility-transportation hassle free for everyone.

What makes us different from other service providers is our intelligent application that enables passengers to select their Ride based on the language they feel comfortable in conversing while using our service, competitively low price and a safety & security during their Ride with our Champion Drivers.

Using the MiRyde mobile app, users can conveniently book their Ride, or schedule one for future use or schedule a pick up for their family or friends on your behalf, based on pre-arranged travel plans.

We’ve empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals to create primary income to support themselves or simply supplement their income by driving for us on a part time basis as an entrepreneur. Our technology puts them in charge on how and when they would like to work.

MiRyde's gives 90% of profit from each ride to drivers, including 100% tips they earn from each ride, a percentage of profit-sharing based on their performance and tuition assistance to help them grow professionally and personally at MiRyde.

Our passengers also enjoys low per kilometre rates, ability to pick and choose drivers with specific requirements to suite their ride and an ability to earn free ride rewards.