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How do airport pickups work?

MiRyde is available at airports for many riders across the world.

For information on how to accept these types of requests:

  1. Go to MiRyde.Ca/DRIVE
  2. Tap the location pin icon in the top right and select your city
  3. Tap "GET THE DETAILS" under "Local information"
  4. Select "Where to Drive"
  5. Scroll to the "Airport information" section

In case of an accident

We are committed to the safety of everyone using MiRyde. If you have been involved in an accident, please follow these steps:

  1. Check that all parties involved are safe.
  2. Notify police and paramedics if necessary.
  3. Contact us.

Head to Trip Issues and Fare Adjustments > I was in an accident. Next, please let us know what happened. Check that you have selected the correct trip and share all available info here. A member of our team will reach out to confirm everyone's safety and gather any other required information.

Accepting cash

MiRyde provides an option to all riders to either pay by cash or use a credit card. If you are on a cash trip, the amount to be collected from the rider is shown as soon as you complete the trip. You can collect the same from the rider. Rider fare and partner fare are not the same in all cases. You can view your trip fare in the earnings tab.

If you are on a non-cash trip, there is no need to ask a rider for cash payment of trip fare. Trip fare including toll charges, if any, will be noted and paid out in the weekly payment cycle.

Ending a trip

A trip ends when you arrive at the rider's preferred destination. As your vehicle comes to a complete stop, swipe End Trip. Your app will prompt you to rate your trip experience.

Stop or park as close as possible to the final destination address.

While many riders will input an exact destination address into the app, it's good practice to confirm with riders where they'd like to exit your vehicle. If a road closure or any other barrier makes it difficult to reach the rider's destination, discuss options for stopping nearby.

Keep an eye out for traffic and other road hazards you can help riders avoid. Many riders appreciate it when you open their door and assist with luggage in the trunk.

Meet our Partners

Our top rated Partners

Ghafoor Hussain

Top Rated
I can set my own schedule. Love meeting my riders. It is most satisfying to be my own boss without the normal pressures and stress of a call center environment

Fatima Ansari

Top Rated
Best part of Miryde was learning and understanding the technology benefits of the business along with pleasant passengers during my daytime driving hours.

Abdul Hameed

Top Rated
I started driving with MiRyde because I liked the idea that my own car could make me money.

Ghulam Murtaza

Top Rated
I start working at 5am until 2:30 pm. Then I stat back up at 8pm to about 10pm. The great part of the job is the Flexibility it provides. This best thing about driving for Miryde; you meet all different kinds of people and learn about where they come